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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice

Reviews for Back to Health

What Our Patients Say . . .

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Back to Health patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Good Health
Dr. Colleen Kachele

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Kids Talk about Dr. Colleen

Jeremiah – Age 10
My name is Jeremiah and I play ice hockey and baseball. I like Dr. Kachele because she makes me more relaxed and tells me what I am doing wrong and right. After I get adjusted I feel much better than I did before I got adjusted. My adjustments help me because they make me more flexible for ice hockey and baseball.

Allie – Age 9
My name is Allie and I am in the third grade. I like Dr. Kachele because she is very nice and very caring and loving. She is the best! I like coming to Dr. Kachele’s office because it feels really good when she adjusts me and I get longer strides in hockey. After I get adjusted I feel very tired and then I start getting calm. My favorite part of coming to Dr. Kachele’s are the white peppermints because they taste so good.

Liam – Age 5 and a half
My name is Liam and I am in kindergarten. I like when Dr. Kachele massages my neck. I like coming to Dr. Kachele’s office because she is very nice and very calm. After I get adjusted I feel very tired and very sleepy. My favorite part of coming to Dr. Kachele’s is the mints because they taste good.

Students Talk about Dr. Colleen

Heather K. – Student
I sought chiropractic care because I hurt my back in track and did not want to go to a physician, so I wanted to try others first. Dr. Kachele helped me get my back to normal. In track, after seeing Dr. Kachele, I threw farther than before, becoming first in the state Group 2 Sectionals. (A Great Accomplishment!) She has helped me to not be in anymore pain and I am now back to my usual physical activities. If someone was considering seeing Dr. Kachele I would tell them what a great person and help she is!

Nicole S. – Student
I play volleyball, and take guitar, piano, and cello lessons. I like Dr. Colleen because she has a great personality and is easy to get along with. She has a positive attitude towards everything and is outgoing. It’s as if Dr. Colleen understands my stress levels and works with them to get a wonderful result. She does a super job!

After I get adjusted I feel happier, for one thing. I also feel as if I’m getting closer to my goal because the results are gradually coming along in a constant pattern. My adjustments help me with my extracurricular activities by reducing my stress levels. They help me relax and I feel more physically able to accomplish things. The tension between my teachers and I has loosened thanks to your work! Thank You

Parents Talk about Dr. Colleen

Judy D.
Children – Christopher, Kevin, Jason and Austin

I sought chiropractic care for my children because Christopher suffered a near fatal asthma attack and I have seen a significant improvement with my own asthma under control through chiropractic. I am also a firm believer in chiropractic wellness. I chose Dr. Kachele for several reasons including a referral from a co-worker, and she is a client of my old chiropractor (for eighteen years) who now teaches seminars to other chiropractors.

Dr. Kachele has helped bring my son’s asthma under control – completely! Also, all my children (even the newborn) love going to get “justment.” Chirstopher can now live a normal life without nebulizer treatments, 4-6 times per day. He is completely off the nebulizer. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele to care for my children because she is a terrific person who loves children. She would do anything she can to help somebody else. My kids love her as if she were family. Don’t waste your time looking around – just schedule the appointment. Your kids will love her just like mine do. My kids compete to see who gets their “justment” first!

Gwen K.
Children – Penelope and Patrick

I sought Chiropractic care for my children because I have had back pain for many years and ignored it. I wanted to start my children out right! I want them to have good experiences with medical doctors and Dr. Colleen certainly fits the bill! My husband and I are already regular patients and we feel the benefits of regular chiropractic care and we wanted our children to have the same benefits. Bringing Penelope in for regular adjustments is giving her the confidence that positive medical visits gives towards medical care. I feel that we are starting our young children out right with regular, positive and fun doctor visits with Dr. Colleen.

Throughout their lives my children will remember this, and I hope continue to seek similar excellent medical care in all circumstances. I’m glad I chose Dr. Colleen because she is so great with my kids. They trust her and will readily climb up on the table for their adjustments. In fact they ask me, “When am I going to see Dr. Colleen and Nancy?!” I would tell others that Dr. Colleen is the best choice you can make. Her holistic approach is perfect! Her bedside manner is so comfortable and she makes doctors visits fun for the whole family.

Laurie O.
Children – Jeremiah, Allie and Liam

I sought Chiropractic care for my children because they are athletic and I wanted to maintain alignment. Jeremiah and Liam have asthma and Allie has allergies, the weekly adjustments have greatly reduced their symptoms. I chose Dr. Kachele because she has given both my husband and me a great amount of relief from back and neck pain. We trusted her enough to work on our children and help them maintain a healthy life and reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Dr. Kachele has helped my children by improving their overall health. They are sick less often and their muscles are less tense, they are more flexible. The children feel better and they are living a healthier life. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele to care for my children because she has a lot of patience and always takes the time to listen to them and understands how they are feeling and knows how to make them feel better. If someone was considering bringing their child to Dr. Kachele I would tell them that I have been to several other chiropractors before her and she is by far the best. I entrusted my children to her and she has done a remarkable job of making them feel better.

Jackie P.
Child – Jared
I sought Chiropractic care for my son because I believe in Chiropractic care for maintaining a healthy balance. I chose Dr. Kachele because of our experiences using her. I feel she is great with children and adults alike. She is knowledgeable and well-informed on children’s issues. I would tell others considering her….She’s great!

Margaret P.
Child – Alan

I sought chiropractic care for my child because I believe in natural methods of healing and chiropractic care is one of those. Chiropractors attempt to get to the root of our health ailments without the use of drugs and surgery. I chose Dr. Kachele to care for my son because of her proven record of patient satisfaction ( my neighbors) and her office location is very close to my home. Dr. Kachele’s spinal adjustments were effective methods in treatment of my son’s frequent colds, wheezing, children’s asthma and general improvement in his well being.

My son now participates in all kinds of sports activities without taking drugs. His immune system got stronger and his posture became very athletic. Dr. Kachele’s care has made a positive change in my son’s health problems. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because of her professionalism, wonderful skills, ability to deal with children, compassion and support during visits. My son considers Dr. Kachele as his pediatrician. Bringing your child to Dr. Kachele is absolutely the right choice!

Virginia C.
Children – Ed, Brandon, and Marjorie

I have been helped by chiropractic care and want the same for my kids. I chose Dr. Kachele because she’s close and doesn’t resort to using electronic devices. Since Dr. Kachele has kids of her own, she’s very good with young patients. All of my children have been relieved of some discomfort following strenuous activities. Brandon is also being relieved of his scoliosis. His stature has improved greatly, which will help him in physical activity.

I don’t like to use drugs, so chiropractic care opens up all the pathways in the body for proper signals to flow through. My kids feel better after an adjustment. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because she’s well trained, she’s patient, and she’s very good at straightening out my kids. Dr. Kachele knows what she’s doing and explains things quite well. She works with the whole family to provide a lot of information

More Patients Talk about Dr. Colleen

Tom M.
I walked into Back To Health Chiropractic Center a couple of week ago with very little confidence that I would feel better quickly but I knew I had to start somewhere. After just one visit, I had some immediate relief. After 3 or 4 visits my lower back pain has been reduced from an 8 to a 3. I’m now visiting 1 or 2 times per week for pain prevention and I’m now starting to plan a healthy diet and exercise which is something I just couldn’t even think about before.

Kathleen F.

I wish there was a way I could tell your patients how impressed my doctors are with the choice of supplements I take from your office. Knowing they are pure and contain no garbage is extremely important to me, after all, I take them every day. Anyway, thank you for all your help and professional guidance with this.

Jane M.

I know I can never duplicate the care I have received from you.  I do so appreciate all you have done for me over the years.  You  are terrific at what you do and you are always learning and going beyond what is the norm.  It has been so helpful that you are knowledgeable about nutrition.  That has been a real plus for me,  You are one in a million and I will miss you so much.  But I
have to  move on so hopefully, I will find someone near my new home who can keep the aches and pains at a minimum.
Thanks again for your caring and professional services.  I truly appreciate your kindness.

Morgan H.
I sought Chiropractic care because I was interested in improving my overall health. I also had chronic lower back pain from an old dance injury. I came to Dr. Kachele because she was a recommended CLA (Chiropractic Leadership Alliance) Chiropractor. Since coming under care with Dr. Kachele I have seen a reduction in the severity of my allergies, stress reduction, reduction in the length of any sickness I may have, and overall better self/body wellness.

I also appreciate my body more and eat right and exercise more. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele as my Chiropractor because she is kind, knowledgeable in her field, generous, flexible and willing to listen when you need to talk. I would tell others thinking of coming to Dr. Kachele that they are making the right choice! I thoroughly believe my quality of life has improved because of chiropractic care.

Susan A.
I sought chiropractic care because I had thrown my back out very badly. I was in excruciating pain. Dr. Kachele came highly recommended by my daughter-in-law. With her help I was able to continue to exercise, enjoy my grandkids and function without pain. I can now do the things that I enjoy. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because she is knowledgeable and informative. I would tell others to use Dr. Kachele if you want top notch care and quick recovery.

Jonathan S.
I sought Chiropractic care because I was suffering from a lot of pain in my back. I chose Dr. Kachele because she is close to my home and I like supporting local stores. I no longer suffer from that pain and now I can move around all day and at the end of the day, my back and head do not hurt like they used to. I can still keep moving. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because she’s a miracle worker, professional, caring, and a GREAT all around person. I would tell others considering Dr. Kachele, you’d be crazy not to see her!

Kathy G.
I initially came to Dr. Kachele to address my shoulder pain. I also believe in Chiropractic as a form of preventative care. Dr. Kachele has helped my back and neck feel limber. She doesn’t rush through the appointment, so I feel she cares about helping me. The quality of my life has improved, as I don’t get sick. I have a positive attitude towards my health, by combining exercise, eating right and chiropractic care. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because she is caring and conveniently located. She has helped improve my health.

Diane B.
I started having lower back pain after having bunion surgery on both feet in 2001. I chose to see Dr. Kachele because she was in my medical plan and she was in my town. I felt better in only 4 sessions and no longer have lower back pain. If I go in her office with any pain it is corrected right away. She has taught me how to stretch correctly and I am rarely in any kind of pain. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because I feel she is very knowledgeable and informative and she really loves what she does. I have told others about her and they are also very satisfied with her. She is very thorough and won’t quit until you are better.

George H.
I originally came to Dr. Kachele for sciatic pain in my left leg and lower back pain. Chiropractic care was recommended by my co-workers and I chose Dr. Kachele for proximity to my home and need for immediate relief. My pain and discomfort were relieved and any subsequent problems were treated successfully. Any new problems are now dealt with in a timely manner and I always feel good after an adjustment. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because not only do I have confidence in her treatments, but visits to her office are like visiting a friend.

Madeline H.
I first came to see Dr. Kachele for back discomfort. I had just moved to Suffern and she was very near by. She has helped me with improvement in my hearing and relief of back discomfort. I feel better. Of the three (chiropractic) doctors I’ve been to, she is doing more for me. I would tell others, by all means go to Dr. Kachele.

Fauzi K.
I was suffering from lower back pain and chose to see Dr. Kachele because of her proximity to my home and her participation in Horizon Blue Cross Blue. Her care has ceased the pain, improved my mobility and improved my sleep. I’m glad I chose her because she fulfilled all my expectations. She is an excellent professional and person. I would tell others thinking of seeing Dr. Kachele to Go For It! You’ll have the best care.

James M.
I first came to Dr. Kachele because I was not happy with my previous doctor and I was suffering from back problems, including 5 bulging discs and neck problems. I find that I am relaxed with Dr. Kachele’s (Colleen’s) treatments. I know she is working for me and with me in fixing what’s not right. My life has improved with Chiropractic care because my back and neck pain have gone away, making everyday life better. I’m glad I chose Colleen because I found a good doctor and more important a friend. If others were considering coming to Dr. Colleen I would tell them to do it! She is a good chiropractor and a wonderful person and with these qualities you cannot go wrong!

Mima P.
I had long term neck and back pain from a car accident 6 years ago. I had been to 3 prior chiropractors with no change. Dr. Kachele offered a different method. With Dr. Kachele’s care I no longer suffer from migraines, headaches or pinched nerves. The quality of my life has improved. I’m not afraid I’ll wake up with a migraine and I’m able to ride amusement park rides (my favorite) without any discomfort. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because I feel great and she’s a great doctor. I would tell anyone thinking of seeing her that she’s an excellent chiropractor who cures you right at the source of your discomfort.

Jon H.
I sought Chiropractic care because of recurring sciatic inflammation issues. I required immediate attention and Dr. Kachele’s response was “come on in”. She alleviated my back discomfort, which I experience as I travel for a living. I sleep better and enjoy my golf game too! I can no longer deny that I am getting older and need to take better care of myself.

Chiropractic care addresses many of my areas that need the most attention. I ‘m glad I chose Dr. Kachele because I leave feeling better than I did, even when I feel great. Dr. Kachele is very personable and it truly made it easier to make regular check-ups a way of life. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Kachele. You’ll begin to feel like family, but most importantly, you will feel better when you leave.

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