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Healing Hands 4 Heroes Program

In conjunction with the Association on New Jersey Chiropractors and Army One Source, Dr. Kachele has completed her training to provide chiropractic care to our returning veterans. Dr. Kachele is prepared to treat the unique health care needs of our returning Service Members and their families.

If you are a veteran active duty service member or member of a military family or know someone who is experiencing:

  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability or Anger
  • Feelings of Isolation
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Depression
  • Drug or Alcohol Dependence
  • Experienced a Combat Related Injury

These may be signs of health issues related to mobilization, deployment and redeployment.

Call our Ramsey chiropractic office today!

Through the Hands 4 Heroes program Dr. Kachele is honored to be able to offer:

A Minimum of 60 days of Free Care to any Post 9/11 Veteran

1 Free Exam and 2 Additional Free Visits to any Pre 9/11 Veterans

Please contact us via phone 201-818-3010 or e-mail for more information.

Did You Know?

New York Giants FootballDid you know that professional athletes get adjusted regularly to maintain their peak physical conditions?

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Back to Health Chiropractic Center Workshops

Dr. Kachele gives workshops/lectures on various topics through out the year. Topics are timely, health oriented and are for both Practice Members and the Community.

Contact us to let us know if you plan on attending. Call (201) 818-3010 or email to get a hold of us.

If you missed one of our workshops, please click on the workshop that you are interested in to download and read the full lecture for yourself.

pdf iconBone Density Workshop

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