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We are going to keep this page and the Back to Health Chiropractic Center’s Facebook Page updated for anyone who has questions about what is happening within the office with Coronavirus restrictions and everyone’s questions and concerns.

Here is a link to the coronavirus site, to make it easier for you to access that info.


Dr. Kachele is treating patients back to our normal office schedule.

Many of you are telling us about your necks and backs becoming more painful with your at home work set-ups.  Make sure you are sitting in comfortable supportive chairs, stay away from sitting on the couch or in your bed to do your work, especially all you students!  If you are  video conferencing alot, make sure your laptop or computer is raised up a but higher to avoid neck strain.



The office is open with our normal days and hours!

Monday 10 AM-1 PM and 3 PM-7 PM

Tuesday 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday 10 AM -1 PM and 3 PM – 7 PM

Thursday Closed

Friday 10 AM- 1 PM and 3 PM – 6 PM

Saturday  open 1-2 saturdays  a month check with the office for availability.

You can call the office/text Dr. Kachele or use our facebook page to schedule an appointment through the BOOK NOW button!



Here is a video that Dr. Kachele did  that we posted on Facebook explaining the office pre-cautions and why we are still open for treatment.

Dr. Kachele’s additional Facebook page, The Wellness Inspiration, contains many short videos with Dr. Valerie Cardillo, sharing some great ideas to help everyone get through this concerning blip in our lives.


If you have anyone in your life who needs care for a pain situation or is interested in immune system support, please tell them to call the office!  Healthcare workers who are working so hard right now are at high risk of back and neck problems and could really really use the immune system support!  Send them our way, we will take great care of them.


So many of you rely on our office for great quality supplements. The office has been getting more stock of immune support supplements coming in every week.  We have lots of great immune boosters available.

Contact us by email or call and let us know if you want to stop by to purchase anything, we will put things aside for you!

Additionally, we have set up this ONLINE STORE to order many of the brands we stock normally and give you access to hundreds of other brands as well.  Please feel free to share this link with anyone you want so that they can also get high quality & professional grade supplements to support their immunity and wellness

We will eventually have a link on this website home page that will be easier to find, but right now, here it is!

Just create your own login and then you will have access to thousands of products.  We have some immune support products as favorites right in the beginning to make them easier to find.

One of the favorite supplements in the office is INTRAMAX.  This comprehensive liquid supplement covers all your bases for health and wellness.  We have it in stock!  You can also learn more about it and order & have it shipped to you or anyone else you think would benefit from it if you can’t get to the office.  At this link.  Use the code KAC3010 when creating an account in the PAC field.



NEW SERVICE!!!   We are offering Personalized Exercise Protocols for your musculoskeletal concerns and complaints.  Whether you are experiencing new complaints or still dealing with those that we were working on previously, this new service is a great addition to work to resolve and strengthen your spine and all the supportive muscles!

I have been wanting to provide something like this for a while, and here it is!

You would schedule an office appointment or  a video chat with Dr. Kachele to discuss your concerns and complaints.  She will work through a functional examination with you in person or over the video and then create a personalized plan for you to follow at home.  You will be provided with instructions on how to perform each exercise and have a link to watch videos on how to perform that you can access when ever you need to from your computer or download the APP.  We will provide you with a resistance band too!

The cost for a Personalized Program is $60 with unlimited updates as needed.

Additionally, we have STRETCH OUT STRAPS available!  These are  high quality. easy to use, multi-purpose resistance straps with a poster of generalized exercises to stretch your whole body.  It is a great thing to take when you travel again in the future also!   The cost for those are $35.


If you are wondering how you can actually help somehow…  Here is a link to Bergen Counties food banks, pantries and church’s that you can check out more online and see where you may be able to help.


We really miss seeing so many of you in the office and want everyone to STAY HEALTHY!  SEE YOU SOON!

We are here for any concerns and questions that you have: 201-818-3010 or email

Comment below or on Facebook with any questions and we will answer them as best we can

Facebook: Follow and Like… Back to Health Chiropractic Center and The Wellness Inspiration

Instagram: @drkachele and @thewellnessinspiration

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